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November 2021

  • Penn Mutual’s Tom Harris: Clients Want Your Advice


    ThinkAdvisor’s Allison Bell featured Tom Harris, Executive Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer, in a recent VIP Q&A where Tom shared insights on his professional experiences and personal passions.

October 2021

March 2021

December 2020

  • CFO TO CFO: Innovation During the Pandemic

    Strategic Finance

    Dave Raszeja, FSA, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, recently took part in a CFO-to-CFO conversation with Huntington Bank's Zachary Wasserman on the importance of innovation in corporate strategy.  

November 2020

  • Life Insurance Is About Life!

    Advisor Today

    Meg Muldoon, AVP, advanced markets, discusses how life insurance has value beyond the death benefit and can provide flexibility to cover unexpected or expected expenses now and in the future.

October 2020

  • Best Senior Life Insurance Companies 2020


    Forbes Advisor ranked Penn Mutual tied for first in their recent listing of “The Best Senior Life Insurance Companies.”  Penn Mutual’s excellent competitiveness of policy costs and very good historical performance of invested assets helped garner a five-star rating and reinforce the company as a leading life insurance provider.
  • Modernizing the Life Insurance Buying Process

    The Actuary

    Michael Nyszczot, vice president of underwriting & mortality management, explains how Penn Mutual is leveraging digital technology and innovation to create a better life insurance buying experience.

July 2020

  • The Best Life Insurance Companies 2020


    Forbes Advisor honored Penn Mutual in its first-ever Best Life Insurance Companies Awards. Penn Mutual’s competitive product portfolio and financial strength garnered a five-star rating at the top of the list and reinforces the company as a leading life insurance provider.

November 2019

  • She Decided to Become a Single Mom. Then She Became a CEO

    CNN Business

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured in a CNN Business article on juggling the responsibilities of single parenting and being the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company.  
  • Optimizing Your Investments in Technology by Avoiding the Distractions

    CIO Review

    Companies can optimize their investments in technology with these tips offered by Greg Driscoll, senior vice president of service operations and chief information officer for Penn Mutual.
  • Data and Disruption In the Digital Age


    Greg Driscoll, senior vice president of service operations and chief information officer for Penn Mutual, explains the importance of data and analytics in the digital age and how information enhances customer experience.
  • Honoring Advisors Who Serve(d): Veterans Day, 2019


    In honor of Veteran’s Day, Sheri Rhoades, vice president of business transformation of Penn Mutual, is featured in a ThinkAdvisor article spotlighting people in the financial industry who’ve served in the United States military.  

October 2019

  • Marketing to Millennials


    Tom Harris, executive vice president and chief distribution officer for Penn Mutual, discusses the company's recent study on the behaviors and planning styles of parents and grandparents.  

September 2019

  • The Importance of Life Insurance Between Generations

    Yahoo! Finance

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, returns to Yahoo! Finance to discuss Life Insurance Awareness Month and Penn Mutual’s survey results, which revealed millennial parents’ planning habits.

June 2019

May 2019

March 2019

  • Looking to Level Playing Field on International Women’s Day

    NBC Philadelphia

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, and Sue Deakins, executive vice president and CFO at Penn Mutual, are featured in an NBC10 story celebrating International Women’s Day and focusing on leveling the playing field for women in business.

February 2019

January 2019

December 2018

  • Transforming the Customer Experience

    CEO Forum Group

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, speaks with Robert Reiss of The CEO Forum Group in a radio podcast focusing on Penn Mutual initiatives and the industry best practices led by McDonnell and her team.
  • 2018 Business 100 Luncheon

    Irish America

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is highlighted in Irish America for her keynote speech at the 33rd annual Business 100 awards luncheon at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.
  • 2018 Most Admired CEOs Awards

    Philadelphia Business Journal

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is honored as one of the "2018 Most Admired CEOs Award" from the Philadelphia Business Journal.

October 2018

  • Creativity Opens The Diversity Door In Life Insurance


    Jessica Choi, assistant vice president of talent acquisition and diversity at Penn Mutual, is included in John Hilton’s InsuranceNewsNet article highlighting a LIMRA panel she was on. The panel discussion focused on the life insurance industry's shifting culture. Choi recalls what attracted her to Penn Mutual, "I met our leadership team and was completely blow away."
  • 2018 Women on the Move

    Main Line Today

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured in Lisa Dukart's Main Line Today article highlighting powerful female executives in the Philadelphia region. "As we built our confidence, as we recapped our business plan, a big theme that we had was deciding to lead. I think we've demonstrated really well here at Penn Mutual that it's not just lip service having women in key leadership positions," she says.
  • Going Against the Grain to Retain Financial Advisers

    Life & Health Advisor

    David LaBricciosa, managing partner of Penn Mutual's AspireWealth Planners, contributes a byline to Life & Health Advisor discussing the importance of retaining advisers. "I find it difficult to believe our noble profession can accept that kind of retention rate when we have such a passion for what we do and who we serve. Part of the problem lies with how advisers are recruited. We need to start a new conversation about who should be introduced to this career and how to develop successful advisers who serve clients for generations to come," he says.
  • Franklin Templeton Launches 3 Passive ETFs: Portfolio Products


    Emily Zulz of ThinkAdvisor includes Penn Mutual in an article highlighting recent industry news. Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Penn Mutual, recently released a digital investment solution that is powered by Betterment for Advisors. The solution, SmartJourney, will help support advisers by streamlining their back-office operations, automating portfolio management and increasing efficiency within their practice.
  • The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Receives National Award for New Digital Client Experience


    MarketWatch features a Penn Mutual press release announcing its recognition as an Impact Award winner from the Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council (Novarica). Novarica awarded Penn Mutual the Impact Award for creating a tool that modernizes the life insurance process by condensing the life insurance policy application process and decision-making time from an industry average of 30 days to as little as 24 hours.

September 2018

  • Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company And M Financial Group Announce New Strategic Relationship


    InsuranceNewsNet features a Penn Mutual press release announcing Penn Mutual's strategic partnership with M Financial. This new partnership enhances Penn Mutual's access to the affluent market for life insurance and will bolster M Financial's existing financial services portfolio.
  • Insurance Takes On Millennials

    Financial Advisor

    Jeff Spencer, adviser at Penn Mutual's Concord Wealth Management, is included in Ben Mattlin's Financial Advisor article discussing insurance strategies that address millennial needs. "With millennials, the best way is to talk about how you can use it before retirement, as well as the power of having a non-market-correlated asset in retirement. We’re seeing a large number of millennials looking to buy income properties, and having a liquid account such as cash-value life insurance is great because it provides guaranteed tax-deferred growth and tax-free access to capital for down payments or collateral," he says.

August 2018

  • Promoting Gender Diversity in Business


    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured on Bloomberg Radio's "Bloomberg Markets" discussing the importance of inclusive, gender diverse work environments. "Women are better prepared today than they ever were to take over the head of the house. It starts with a willingness of individual boards and CEOs that are willing to welcome women into their ranks of the board room and the C-suite," she says.
  • Why Authentic Activation is Today's Strategy in Pro Sports Sponsorships

    Philadelphia Business Journal

    Dave O'Malley, president and COO of Penn Mutual, is included in Kenneth Hilario's Philadelphia Business Journal article discussing strategic sports sponsorships. "Activation has to be authentic. What do you want to get accomplished? Work back from there with a multiyear plan and say, 'How do I want to get that engagement, build that in an authentic way, and what tactics do I want to take?' Sports allows you to tell incredible stories and make them come to life in a real way for your brand," he says.

July 2018

  • What Living and Working in a Motel Taught This Advisor


    Nancy Dinh, managing partner at Penn Mutual's Armor Wealth Management, was featured in Emily Zulz's ThinkAdvisor article discussing how her past has influenced her financial service career drive. "My advice to advisors is that the only person stopping you from being successful is you. You have the passion to help people in terms of protection, their future, their family -- you have to have that drive and that passion to make it through," she says.
  • Carol Johnson, William Goings To Serve On Penn Mutual Board of Trustees

    Life & Health Advisor

    Life & Health Advisor features a Penn Mutual press release announcing the addition of Carol Johnson and Bill Goings to the company's Board of Trustees. Both individuals have an extensive growth record and will join an already impressive group of leaders serving on Penn Mutual's board.

June 2018

  • National Insurance Awareness Day


    John Caserta, managing partner at Penn Mutual's Caserta & de Jongh, is featured on WTNH-TV, "Good Morning CT," to discuss how individuals can review their insurance coverage and adjust where needed. "With life insurance, I always tell people the earlier the better because it is based on age and health. It's always a lot easier to get it when you're younger and healthier, and probably ends up being less expensive as well," he says.
  • Selflessness natural for Glenshaw native Nick Carey

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette features Nick Carey, winner of Penn Mutual's fourth annual Life of Significance Award, in an article highlighting his recognition. "Nick has devoted himself to a life of service while maintaining a strong leadership role in whatever he does. His dedication to being a team member while also helping others is what the sport of rugby is all about," Carey's coach explains.
  • FA Profession: Accountable for Lack of Diversity


    Ande Frazier, president of Leap Systems, an independent affiliate of Penn Mutual, is included in Rebecca Lake's Investopedia article discussing diversity in the financial services industry. "When people aren't able to find an adviser they connect with, they get discouraged and procrastinate or start looking elsewhere for guidance. They're turning to robo-advisers, the internet, or their family members and friends for advice, therefore discounting the important role of the adviser," she says.

May 2018

  • Let's Help Enlist Veterans in Financial Services Careers


    Tom Harris, executive vice president at Penn Mutual, contributes a byline to ThinkAdvisor about enlisting veterans in the financial services industry. "Throughout my career, I’ve come to learn that military veterans possess the characteristics of superstar associates in the making. They’re intelligent, willing to put in the work, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of purpose, and they understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork," he says.
  • Honoring Advisors Who Serve(d): Memorial Day, 2018


    Penn Mutual is included in Ronald Pechtimaldjian's ThinkAdvisor article honoring financial advisers who served or are currently serving in the military. Jim Cote, financial adviser at Penn Mutual’s Concord Wealth Management, and Thomas Fogerty, financial adviser at Penn Mutual’s Lakeshore Wealth Strategies are both included with stories of their service.
  • Businesses Transform Their Wi-Fi Management in the Cloud


    Andy McInerney, enterprise networking director of Penn Mutual, is included in Calvin Hennick’s BizTech magazine article discussing how the company is transforming by adopting a cloud-managed Wi-Fi network. "You can see everything about that user, that machine, what applications they're hitting. You can create policies to curtail application-based issues. It's an incredible amount of data that's easy to see and digest, and that allows you to troubleshoot," he says.
  • 5 New Life Products for Spring


    Allison Bell of ThinkAdvisor includes Penn Mutual in an article discussing new permanent life insurance updates and products. Penn Mutual is included for their release of the Survivorship Choice Whole Life policy, which allows two spouses to use the policy to insure both lives.
  • The Far Reach Of Protection


    Ray Caucci, senior vice president at Penn Mutual, contributes a byline to Life & Health Advisor discussing ways life insurance closes the retirement income gap. "Permanent life insurance allows policyholders to accumulate cash value that can be used in retirement, which can come in handy should a client experience a cash shortfall. Also, starting early while young and still healthy can make permanent life insurance policies more affordable," he says.

April 2018

  • Bucks and Montgomery County business achievers, April 27


    Penn Mutual is included in a Bucks County Courier Times article for being the recipient of Neumann University’s 2017-2018 Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development award. This is the university's highest honor, and recognizes organizations that celebrate sports and exemplify fundamental values such as integrity, service and excellence.
  • Neumann U Lauds Penn Mutual’s Support of Rugby


    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured in Meghan Glass’s article about Penn Mutual’s receipt of the 2018 Institute for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development Award. "What we saw in rugby, was the same values we live by – the same values honored in our Penn Mutual ‘Life of Significance’ award: integrity, respect, relationships, service. I believe that the living tradition of rugby has something to teach us all, something you are honoring with this award," she says.
  • Penn Mutual Launches Survivorship Choice Whole Life


    InsuranceNewsNet features a Penn Mutual press release announcing the launch of Survivorship ChoiceSM Whole Life. With this launch, Penn Mutual is now the only carrier in today’s market to offer survivorship life insurance products in both the whole life and indexed universal life spaces.

March 2018

  • Penn Mutual CEO Sees Earnings Boost With Boardroom Equality


    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured on a Bloomberg TV segment with host Vonnie Quinn discussing the rich history of Penn Mutual’s diverse workforce. "For Penn Mutual, we’ve had a long history of having a workforce that has been diverse. And I think what we’ve been able to demonstrate is by having a board that is over 40 percent female and a C-Suite that is pushing 40 percent, we’ve been able to have eight consecutive years increasing earnings," she says.
  • Eileen McDonnell: Reimagining Leadership in Financial Services

    33 VOICES

    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured on a podcast discussing leadership and innovation within the financial services industry. “Coming through the ranks of the insurance industry, I believe I was given opportunities because there was a skill set and abilities that complimented the men I was working with. They looked to me to complete them, and as I moved along with my career, I was looking for others who could compliment me. The best results over my career, and my best performance, was when I had been in a position where there was shared leadership, among both men and women with diverse backgrounds,” she says.

February 2018

  • How to Harnesses the Power of Listening


    Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, is featured in Michael Woodward’s Psychology Today article discussing the importance of working with professionals who aren't afraid to voice their opinions and how crucial it is to have a diverse and collaborative team. “Truth be told, even with some of the great work I am getting recognized for over my career, it’s always because I’ve had a vision that relied on the input from a lot of different people around me,” she says.

January 2018

  • Penn Mutual Makes Capital For Women Founders A Pillar Of Transformation


    Moira Vetter of Forbes features Eileen McDonnell, chairman and CEO of Penn Mutual, in a Q&A piece highlighting her role as transformational leader in the financial services industry. When discussing entrepreneurship and female leadership McDonnell says, "Entrepreneurship is not about the number of years you’ve been in business—it is a frame of mind. It’s why people came up with the term intrapreneur."
  • January Splits Leave Divorced Couples in Need of Financial Planning


    Christine Hennigan, ChFC, of Penn Mutual’s 1847Financial, is included in Brian O’Connell’s InsuranceNewsNet article discussing the importance of couples having assets in their own name, and consulting with an adviser when going through a divorce. “If the couple divorces, hiding assets or moving money around without the other party's knowledge can come under scrutiny, especially in the event of a divorce or a troubling relationship situation,” she says.

January 2017

  • Dealing with Choosier Job Candidates


    Amy Williams, assistant vice president of human resources at Penn Mutual, is included in Andrew Mcllvaine’s Human Resource Executive article detailing her perception on Penn Mutual candidates. “Three years ago, people were just looking for something to pay the bills until they found their dream job; now, they’re much choosier,” she says. “At Penn Mutual, the company emphasizes its peer-to-peer recognition program, called Pride, as well as its collaborative culture.