Company Profile

Penn Mutual, emphasis on mutual.

That means we’re not owned by anonymous stockholders. Instead, we’re owned by policyholders. It’s no wonder that everything we do is in their best interest.

As a mutual company, we take a long-term perspective with the goal of maintaining our strength and stability for the long haul. We make a lot of commitments to our policyholders, and our long-term focus is a big reason we’ve been able to keep those commitments.


For our entire history, we’ve been in the business of helping people get stronger. And the best part? We’re just hitting our stride.

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From our home office to our field offices, we are passionate about the work we do, and just as passionate about how we do it.

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Our leadership secures our financial strength, long-term focus and commitments to policyholders — ensuring we keep our promises.

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Corporate Governance

Part of our ongoing success is attributed to our board of trustees, which oversees our business affairs — steering our company towards a prosperous future.

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Principal Affiliates

Through our family of companies, we offer a full range of life insurance, annuity products and investment services that make it possible to fulfill all of our clients’ unique needs.

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